What to look for when booking a removal company

A 2017 poll by the business group Independent Network indicated that most people in the UK will move house at least seven times in their lifetime before finally settling down. That means that most of us will have to make use of a removal company a good half-dozen times or more over the years. With so many removal companies out there, how do you know you’re getting one that will work out well for you?

As one of the top removal companies currently servicing London and Hertfordshire, F V Removals has been providing essential house move solutions to the region for years, and we’ve got a fairly good idea of what you need to look for before agreeing with any kind of removals contract.

Here are some of our top tips to make the decision easier for you.

Keep it local

Your first step is probably going to involve a quick Google search for removal companies. Though it should go without saying, when you look for a removal company online, be sure to add your local area to the search terms you use. A local firm will not only be more likely to take you on as a client, but they’ll know all the common routes from your old house to your new one, including handy detours, shortcuts, and the like, making the move itself that much easier.

Know what you want before you call

Remember, whichever removal company you choose, they are working for you. Yes, they are providing you with the labour, the transport, and the expertise, but that’s precisely what you’re paying them for. Make a list of the things you need from your moving experience and, when you call, ensure that your prospective removals team can meet all of those requirements or, at the very least, provide a reasonable alternative.


Is your removal company insured for accidental loss or damages during the move? Obviously, nobody wants anything bad to happen to your belongings while they are in transit, but sometimes accidents can occur for any number of reasons. Any removal company worth its reputation should have your items fully covered for the time that they are in their control. This should ideally include loss, damage, theft, and fire. It’s worth enquiring whether damage incurred during loading and unloading is also covered.


Some people choose removal companies based on the length of their trading history, which is a reasonable consideration. However, some recent companies might have more experience than you think, when you consider how long their team of home movers might have been involved in the trade prior to them forming their company.

Additional services

Depending on your circumstances, you might need help with packing up your belongings or putting some of them into storage while you get yourself settled in your new home. While you can certainly arrange these through separate companies, it’s worth checking if your removal company offers any of these services as an all-in-one package. If the cost feels right, it’s certainly more convenient knowing that you’re relying on one firm to handle it all.

Get in touch

If you find a removal company in your area that meets all of the requirements above, then you’re onto a good thing. This is why potential movers in London and Hertfordshire should make FV Removals their first (and only) port of call. Speak to us today on 0203 6672 597 for a free, no-obligation quote.

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